Lips love black mountain

Coldplay isn't the only high-profile major-label act with a thing for Vancouver's Black Mountain. Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne admits that his band has developed a bit of an obsession with the local quintet, led by singer-guitarist Stephen McBean. Coyne called the Georgia Straight last week to do advance press for the Lips' new album, At War With the Mystics, due out on April 4. Rather than talking about his own group, he spent the first five minutes of the interview asking and raving about Black Mountain, which toured North American arenas last summer as the opening act for Coldplay. "I am a big fan-we listen to their fucking record all the time," Coyne gushed. "We've definitely thought about how we'd love to tour with them." The Lips' main man admitted that his affection for all things Vancouver doesn't stop there, speaking fondly of Nardwuar the Human Serviette, and the Plaza of Nations, which the Flaming Lips headlined in 2003. But mostly, he's doing his best to spread the word about Black Mountain. "There's so much stuff coming out of Montreal these days-I'll talk to people about Black Mountain, and they'll be, 'Isn't that where they are from?' I tell them, 'No, they are from Vancouver.'?" Coyne added that he'd like to get to know Black Mountain better. "What's their agenda like?" he asked. "Are they making another record? We'd love to tour with them, but only if it's good for them. It's not like we'd want them dropping everything for the Flaming Lips.'?"