Lyndsay Sieger at Choices Market

Name: Lyndsay Sieger, 37, therapist

Store: Choices Market (2627 West 16th Avenue)

Items: Ground beef, hamburger buns, cheese, potatoes, bagged salad, cherries, strawberries

Where it’s headed: The meat, buns, and potatoes are for tonight’s hamburger dinner. They make their fries from scratch. Sieger’s son likes to put the fries on the meat to create what he’s dubbed a fryburger.

I never buy: “Meat that isn’t free-range and organic. I’m totally scared of what they put in it, and I’d be scared to feed it to my son.”

Childhood favourites: “I’m Jewish, so there was a lot of Jewish soul food that I ate growing up that I like to make: tsimmes [a sweet casserole], kugel [noodle pudding], and chicken soup with matzo balls.”

On food: Sieger is concerned that many products marketed to children, like sugary drinks, are actually devoid of nutrients. “People are asleep about it,” she says.