Mastermind Japan

When is a T-shirt worth $848? Apparently when it's by the punk-inspired label Mastermind Japan, which premiered its menswear line in 1999. It's so popular that fans in Tokyo and Paris have been known to line up when new stock is announced. The T-shirt in question is at Richard Kidd (65 Water Street). A fuck-you take on the American flag, it shows George W's head superimposed on an illustrated U.S. ensign with skull and crossbones instead of stars. The Bush baby's mouth and eyes are blacked out and replaced with a mock newspaper collage that spells out “God Save the Queer” . Forget about wearing it, though; frame it and put it on the wall. Even better, frame two and send them as gifts to adorn the office walls at Focus on the Family and REAL Women of Canada.