Mothers get payback

A Vancouver TV producer is looking for moms to volunteer for a free spa weekend. The catch? You need a childless know-it-all to mind your brood and to let the reality show Crash Test Mommy shoot the amateur in action. The premise behind Paperny Films' show is that critics of mothers everywhere need to put their money where their mouth is.

But not just any family will do. "We're looking for mischievous kids," deadpans producer Cal Shumiatcher. As for ideal CTMs, moms will have little trouble spotting them, as they're prone to comments like, "If the kids were only better disciplined…"

Shumiatcher says participants get a glimpse behind the scenes, a video of the experience, and the insight that comes with spending time in someone else's shoes. Who's he kidding-for moms, the real lure is payback. Crash Test Mommy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on Life. Families interested in being part of the second season should e-mail or call 604-228-1960.