Nim Vind / Fashion of Fear (Independent)

It's hard for Nim Vind to escape the Misfits comparisons. His trio's Fashion of Fear full-length is rife with ghoulish pop-punk songs about skulking in the shadows that would fit right into the New Jersey band's back catalogue. Save for Vind's stressed-out wheeze on "Into the Sphere We Go", most of the crooning vocals pay homage to Glenn Danzig. And the singer even sports a devil lock on the group's MySpace page. But while Fashion of Fear follows the standard horror-punk blueprint, these locals still manage to avoid being pegged as a tribute act. The disco beat and jangling strings of "Astronomicon" will rattle people's bones on dance floors instead of in circle pits, while the acoustic guitar ballad "The Bitter End" might even get goths crying tears into their beers. With Nim Vind getting plenty of good press across the pond, including an interview in U.K. mag Metal Hammer, it's only a matter of time before this eerie troupe gets a Fiend Club of its own.