Ten Ways From Sunday

Ten Ways From Sunday (Independent)

Man, the guys in local hard-rock quartet Ten Ways From Sunday sure didn't skimp on the packaging of this self-titled EP. It comes in a very cool, embossed tin case, and as soon as I saw it I thought "Hey, if the music sucks, at least I can keep my weeeed in there."

Devoted CFOX listeners will no doubt embrace the seven tracks here. But even though it's produced by local metal genius Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad, I couldn't find much to differentiate it from Vancouver's grunge-inspired axis of evil: Nickelback/Default/Theory of a Deadman. The members of Ten Ways From Sunday obviously don't share the same view of themselves, as their Web site states that the band "revels in the long-standing tradition of epic, old-school arena rock. In fact, this four-piece would surely make the editors of Creem Magazine or Rolling Stone circa 1975 wet with anticipation."

Sorry, fellas, but as someone who spent a large part of '75 poring over music mags while constantly blasting the top bands of the day, I can safely say that you're dead wrong. Back then, all the guitar-rock groups you heard on the radio sounded vastly different from one another. It's the opposite of today, when so many are trying to sound exactly the same. But don't take this bitter old geezer's word for it. If your pickup sports a CFOX sticker, make the trip out from Surrey to the Croatian Cultural Centre on Friday (June 17) and see TWFS in the flesh, along with Limblifter, Marianna's Trench, and Hedley (featuring Canadian Idol finalist Jacob Hoggard!). I don't plan on being there, but if I were, I'd definitely try to smuggle in my shiny new pot holder.