The West's Genie Quest

This was a ho-hum year for Western Canada at the Genie Awards, but two stars shone bright in the darkness. The Genie for best documentary went to B.C. filmmakers Mark Achbar, Bart Simpson, and Jennifer Abbott for The Corporation. The award for achievement in music (original score) went to B.C.'s Terry Frewer, who wrote the score for Head in the Clouds.

"I was watching [Peter] Mansbridge last night, and the Genie piece started out, 'Can you name the last Canadian film you've seen?'?" British Columbia Film CEO Rob Egan told the Straight. "This year we were particularly challenged in English Canada to name films that have really broken out in the market. This has not been a stellar year for English films, and that's true for films for Western Canada as well."

Still, the nominated B.C. artists are very deserving, according to Egan. "We are very pleased. B.C. has a long history of documentary-making, and this [The Corporation] is a terrific documentary that has received attention all over the world."

B.C. picked up eight nominations, including the two award winners.