Tony Hird at the MarketPlace IGA

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      Name: Tony Hird, 27, art director for an advertising agency

      Store: MarketPlace IGA (2030 West Broadway)

      Items: Package of six pork chops, plain stirred yogurt, bunch of bananas, bagged organic baby carrots, Honey Nut Cheerios cereal, apple-cinnamon instant oatmeal, and carton of mango-pineapple-veggie juice

      What’s for dinner? “I don’t know yet! Yogurt-and-banana pork chop surprise?” Hird says, laughing. Thinking for a moment, he adds: “I’ll probably put the pork chops on my George Foreman grill.” He received it a year and a half ago as a gift. He’ll throw a little seasoning salt on the chops, pour himself a glass of mango-pineapple-veggie juice, and presto, there’s dinner.

      Guilty pleasure: Sundaes, yogurt-banana smoothies, and barbecued steak. “I don’t know how to barbecue, which can be a problem,” he admits.

      What he avoids: “Any spray or canned cheese.” But Hird is not averse to all brightly coloured orange foods. “I love mangoes,” he exclaims. “They’re tropical!”