Vind tells tour tales

Touring, as the Ramones once observed, is never boring. Well, okay, sometimes it is (otherwise the same band would never have penned "I Wanna Be Sedated"), but not for Nim Vind. The local horror-rock trio, led by eponymous singer-guitarist Vind (formerly of Mr. Underhill) recently returned from playing 15 dates in Germany. To hear Vind tell it, the country hadn't seen so much action since the Battle of Berlin. By telephone, the singer regaled the Straight with tales of debauchery, tarantula bites, playing a gig in a Second World War bunker, and witnessing members of the English band Demented Are Go consume their own urine.

"I saw it all, man," he stated. "Like I said, I saw those guys drink their own piss. The Cologne show was particularly nuts. I walked into the room to witness a particularly preposterous act between two members of our entourage, who I suppose should remain unnamed at this time. That was nuts. I couldn't believe they were actually doing that." We might have to wait for Vind's tell-all memoir to find out just what transpired on that night (hint: the relevant chapter will be titled "Two Men and a Groupie"), or maybe the right amount of liquor will loosen his tongue when the band plays its next local show. That, appropriately, will be right before Halloween, when Nim Vind plays the Lamplighter on October 29.