Wendy Yuan has concerns about the NDP, not David Emerson

International Trade Minister David Emerson is the least of Wendy Yuan’s worries come election time in the federal riding of Vancouver Kingsway.

“Regardless of whether Emerson is running or not, that is not my concern,” Yuan, the Liberal candidate for the riding, told the Straight. “We’re going to be fighting the NDP.”

Yuan had previously stepped aside to allow Emerson to run as the Liberal bet for Vancouver Kingsway in 2004.

After the 2006 election, he crossed over to the Conservatives.

“This riding has never been a Conservative riding,” Yuan said. “I don’t think it’s a question for me whether he runs or not.”

NDP activist Kerry Jang earlier told the Straight that the party is bent on winning back the riding. He said that three candidates are vying for the NDP’s nomination: Tony Kosovic, Alicia Barsallo and Don Davies.

Barsallo and Davies live in the riding, Jang also said.

Yuan, a businesswoman who lives in Richmond, noted that Emerson was not a resident of Vancouver Kingsway, and neither were two former MPs in the riding, namely, Sophia Leung of the Liberals and Ian Waddell of the NDP.

“In history, nobody really lived in that riding,” Yuan said. “The criteria for a good MP is not where he or she lives.”