Things To Do: 6 can't-miss Vancouver arts events this week, January 17 to 23

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      Editor’s choice

      Geek chic

      We’re drawn to all the elements here: homicidal fairies, nasty ogres, fantasy role-playing games, and—most of all—dragon puppets. In She Kills Monsters, Vietnamese-American playwright Qui Nguyen pays homage to nerds before they were hip, circa 1995. In it, Agnes Evans discovers a notebook containing her later sister’s Dungeons and Dragons crusade, and through the adventure that unfolds live on-stage, she starts to understand her sibling’s hidden life. The Chicago Tribune has called the script “clever, funny, moving, lively and delightfully geeky”. Keltie Forsyth directs.

      UBC Theatre & Film presents She Kills Monsters at the the Telus Studio Theatre in the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts from Thursday (January 18) to February 3.


      High five: Five events you just can’t miss this week 

      The Pipeline Project

      Great buzz for this beyond-timely personal look at the oil industry.
      To January 20 at the Firehall Arts Centre


      Improv artists from around the world battle at Vancouver TheatreSports League.
      To January 21 at the Improv Centre

      Matt Braunger

      If you liked him on MADtv, you’ll love watching him poke fun at his own awkwardness in standup.
      January 18 to 20 at the Comedy MIX

      Reassembled, Slightly Askew

      A real brain injury inspires a fascinating multimedia journey.
      To February 4 at the Culture Lab

      Black Box

      Visit German artmaker Sven Marquardt’s immersive photo ode to Berlin’s underground clubs from 2 to 8 p.m.
      To January 20 at Celebrities Underground