The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors Salt-Water Moon

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      From February 15 to 24, Salt-Water Moon takes over Gateway Theatre (6500 Gilbert Road, Richmond).

      Directed by Ravi Jain, the new interpretation of David French's Canadian classic play uses a minimalist interpretation to explore the beating heart at the centre of the story.

      Salt-Water Moon tells the story of a young man who returns to his small Newfoundland town from Toronto to reclaim his college sweetheart. Under a star-filled sky, the former lovers fight, flirt, and finally confront their tangled emotional history as well as a possible future.

      Gatway Theatre artistic director Jovanni Sy says in a press release that "Ravi [Jain] has taken one of the great plays from the Canadian canon and interpreted it into something that pays homage to its past and yet feels exactly right for today."

      The Gateway Theatre production of Salt-Water Moon is part of a Canadian tour that began at Toronto's Panasonic Theatre and has continued on to Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg.

      Tickets for Salt-Water Moon start at $29 and are available online or by calling 604-270-1812.