Musician raises alarm about another theft at the Orpheum Theatre

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      Six weeks ago, a saxophone once owned by Ross Taggart was ripped off from the Orpheum Theatre stage.

      It belonged to Chris Startup, who said at the time that it might be worth $15,000.

      Now, there's been another theft at the prominent downtown entertainment venue.

      Bass player C.J. Kumar has revealed on social media that his laptop was taken from the downstairs dressing room at the Orpheum on February 17.

      Kumar is with the West Coast Symphony Orchestra, which was performing Symphony No. 8 by Gustav Mahler that evening alongside the Vancouver Bach Choir.

      He also stated that the soloist, Martin Sadd, lost his wallet and phone from the upstairs area.

      "I spent time with the doorman looking over security camera footage and actually found a suspect, but the quality isn't really good," Kumar wrote.

      According to Vancouver Police Department records, six thefts over the past year have been reported at 601 Smithe Street, which is the address of Orpheum. These are linked to the building but not necessarily any specific location at this address.