Chor Leoni awards composer Marie-Claire Saindon first prize in C/4 competition

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      Vancouver’s Chor Leoni Men’s Choir and artistic director Erick Lichte have named Montreal composer Marie-Claire Saindon the winner of the choir’s 2018 Canadian Choral Composition Competition--better known as C/4.

      At the contest held on February 23, her Mer calme was awarded the $2,000 first prize by the judges’ panel of composers Jocelyn Morlock, Rodney Sharman, and businessman James Carter.

      Kingston's Benjamin Bolden won the $1,000 second prize for Twilight, and Vancouver composer Gerda Blok-Wilson’s O Little Rose, O Dark Rose received the third prize of $500.

      Each composer also received a Barbara Pentland Award for Outstanding Composition from the Canadian Music Centre.

      The choir’s third annual C/4 Competition will be held on May 10 at ANNEX. Contest details and submission requirements may be found on the Chor Leoni website here.