Trans Am Totem will soon have to leave traffic median near Science World

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      One of Vancouver's most photographed pieces of public art will need to find a new home.

      CBC News has reported that Marcus Bowcott's Trans Am Totem will have to be removed from the boulevard in the middle of Quebec Sreet near Milross Avenue at some point after September.

      It features five vehicles on top of a nearly seven-metre old-growth cedar tree, offering a commentary on disposable consumer culture, the manufacturing history of Southeast False Creek, and the forest that once existed around it.

      Now, it's an urban hub of real-estate development, cycling lanes, and rapid transit.

      Trans Am Totem was created as part of Vancouver Biennale and was never intended to remain at this location on a permanent basis

      It weights 11,340 kilograms.

      This time-lapse video shows in five minutes how the Trans Am Totem was built over two days.

      According to CBC, the Vancouver Biennale is hoping to sell the art work for US$250,000, with half the proceeds going to Bowcott.

      In the 2015 Best of Vancouver issue, Georgia Straight readers voted Trans Am Totem as the city's top public-art installation created over the previous 12 months.

      It's seen every day by thousands of SkyTrain riders travelling between Main Street–Science World and Stadium–Chinatown stations.

      “The automobile holds a unique position in our culture," Bowcott said at the time of its unveiling in 2015. "It’s a manufactured want and symbol of extremes; practicality and luxury, necessity and waste. We can see this in the muscular Trans Am, the comfortable BMW, and the workhorse Civic. Trans Am Totem also questions the cycle of production and consumption.”

      In this 2015 video, the Straight interviewed Marcus Bowcott about Trans Am Totem.