Free art installation allowing users to illuminate lights at Science World returns to Olympic Village

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      A public-art installation that allows users to control the lights on Science World’s geodesic dome—and, in turn, Vancouver’s skyline—is making its return to Olympic Village this summer.

      Titled OH!, the interactive piece is a scale model of Science World’s spherical structure, and is dotted with 240 LEDs and sensors that detect the movement of people’s hands. The lights in the object change colours according to these motions, thus altering the illumination of Science World in real-time, thanks to data sent from OH! to the building via a wireless cellphone network.

      Visitors are able to create six possible animations with their hands, each of which vary in hues and patterns, including sparkles, bands, waves, and more.

      Science World

      Situated outside Olympic Village’s Tap & Barrel (1 Athletes Way), OH! opens at 9:30 p.m. on every Friday in August, with the exception of August 31.

      The installation was created by Alex Beim, an artist and creative director at the locally based Tangible Interaction who is also responsible for the soon-to-be-complete musical and light-up FIELD display in downtown Vancouver’s Ackery’s Alley. OH! made its debut in Olympic Village last summer.

      “I think when you’re in front of such a massive building, such an iconic building, and you’re able to change it, control it, animate it in some way, you do feel like a child,” Beim told the Straight at the time. “You feel like a little kid…and for a moment, you kind of feel like you’re at the centre of the world. And it’s quite beautiful and playful.”

      OH! is open to the public on August 3, 10, 17, and 24, from 9:30 p.m. onward.

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