Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Awkward Hug

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      In this beautiful, gentle solo show, writer-performer Cory Thibert looks back on his 19-year-old self with tenderness and precision.

      It’s a time of changes: starting theatre school, questioning his relationship with his girlfriend, and downsizing the family home. The move becomes a catalyst for a reassessment of the things about his parents that have always been normal to him but may not appear that way from the outside; to give away any more details would be to rob you of the pleasures of this script’s measured revelations. Thibert is a skilled and emotionally honest storyteller, and his writing is carefully observed. “I feel like I was raised by malls,” he reflects on the landscape of his Ottawa childhood. Recalling losing his virginity on the bedroom floor at someone’s house party, he says, “My feet are against the door and I can feel people on the other side of the door pinching my toes.” Well-chosen details and an unhurried pace culminate in a moving conclusion. Bring someone you love.