Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Ruby Rocket Returns!

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      “I don’t have a very good memory on account of I drink a lot and I’m not great with details,” Ruby Rocket confides near the start of this improv mystery, saturated in film-noir atmosphere. “That’s what makes me a great detective.”

      Stacey Hallal has a hard-boiled good time with a rotating cast of improvisers; on the night I saw the show, Briana Rayner, Amy Shostak, and Shawn Norman were hilarious in the search for a stolen brooch made partly of cheetah.

      The sendup of noir conventions—accents, liquor, projected black-and-white imagery, and, best of all, live keyboard accompaniment (a terrific Matt Grinke on my night)—and Hallal’s playful, loose grip on the reins of the story make this one a lot of fun.