Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Fake Ghost Tours

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      Wow, I never knew how haunted Granville Island was!

      Apparently, “you can’t swing a dead cat on this island without hitting that cat’s ghost.” Self-professed identical-twin brothers Shawn O’Hara and Abdul Aziz are professional ghost hunters (they earned their credential in vampire studies at Langara), and on this tour, they’ll fill you in on the tragedies and horrors that have afflicted the site over centuries.

      O’Hara and Aziz are skilled comedians, specializing in deadpan absurdity and strategic repetition; their humour is both topical (Railspur Alley’s “old ghosts are being pushed out by younger, hipper ghosts”) and irreverent (Emily Carr was the “witch queen of Canada”). Well worth the walk.