Holy Batpenis, Batman! DC Comics' Black Label series gives fans a look at Bruce Wayne's Batawang

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      What a week.

      First Stormy Daniels ensures that we'll never be able to play Mario Kart again without picturing Donald Trump's supposedly toadstool-esque penis.

      And now DC Comics has officially obliterated whatever shred of innonence was left in our childhood pop-culture memories by showing us the one tool that Batman can't fit neatly into a pouch on his utility belt.

      The scene in question pops up in the first issue of Batman Damned, the inaugural title published under DC's Black Label imprint, intended for a mature readership. (Because there is nothing more mature than possessing a burning desire to look at drawings of superheroes' genitals.) And here it is!

      DC Black Label

      Batman Damned #1, by Brian Azzarello (Wonder Woman) and Lee Bermejo (Joker), is the first of a three-issue mini-series. It came out on September 19 and its instant notoriety was followed quickly by an announcement from DC that, not only would the digital version of the issue be censored (and thus dick-free), so would all subsequent reprintings of the, ahem, hard copy. That means anyone who managed to wrap their eager hands around the first printing is now in possession of a collector's item.

      It also means that we probably won't be seeing something like Wonder Woman Unbound, complete with full-frontal beaver shots—which will come as either a relief or a grave disappointment, depending on how much of a pervert you are.