More than 25 original works by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí now on display at Oakridge Centre

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      Vancouver’s Chali-Rosso Art Gallery has partnered with Oakridge Centre to present 28 original pieces by celebrated artists Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí.

      Shown as part of a free exhibition entitled Meet the Masters, the works include Dalí’s Surrealist Piano, an almost three-metre-high sculpture of a piano in which the instrument’s legs are replaced with those modeled after a woman’s. It’s valued at $1.2 million and has been displayed in cities such as London, Shanghai, and Venice.

      There are also a selection of paintings, drawings, and other pieces that exemplify the various stages in Picasso’s and Dalí’s careers, as well as the illustrious artists’ relationship. Picasso and Dalí both hail from Spain, and were active during the early 1900s, during which they came to be known for their boundary-pushing Cubist and surrealist styles, respectively.

      “I don’t believe that art should only be showcased in galleries and museums, but also in free and public settings that are easily accessible to everyone,” Susanna Strem, owner and curator of Chali-Rosso Art Gallery, said in a press statement. “Oakridge Centre is the perfect place to display fine art by these two Spanish masters, as it is a space where people of all ages, cultures and ethnicities come to shop, dine, meet friends, listen to music and view innovative exhibitions such as this one.”

      For the duration of the two-week exhibition, all public donations and a portion of Chali-Rosso Art Gallery sales will go toward Arts Umbrella, a local nonprofit that offers arts-education programs for youth.

      Oakridge Centre
      Oakridge Centre
      Oakridge Centre
      Oakridge Centre

      Chali-Rosso Art Gallery presents Meet the Masters at Oakridge Centre’s West Gallery until October 14.

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