Vancouver TheatreSports' Graeme Duffy heading to China to work with Fly Improv Theatre

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      When thinking about improv comedy in Vancouver, you can’t help but to recognize Vancouver TheatreSports.

      The region's leading improv-comedy company, VTS has been successful in large part because of its co-artistic associate, teacher, and mainstage ensemble player Graeme Duffy.

      An actor and improviser who has been part of the VTS team since 2004, Duffy is now taking that success and heading overseas to China to work with Fly Improv Theatre from October 31 to November 16. During this time, he will teach the VTS style of improv to the Shanghai- and Beijing-based group's mainstage ensemble, instructors, and students.

      Fly Improv Theatre

      "As a seasoned performer, Graeme is hilarious and widely respected," Eric Shen, director of Fly Improv Theatre, said in a news release. "We are honoured and excited to have Graeme come to China to teach us as a representative of the very talented Vancouver TheatreSports."

      During his time with VTS, Duffy has developed a number of hit shows, including Throne and Games—Laughter is Coming, Throne and Games—A Chance of Snow, OK Tinder, and Western World

      This sort of collaboration isn’t new for Fly Improv Theatre. In the past, the company has partnered with other famed improv groups such as New York City's Upright Citizens Brigade and Chicago's The Second City. You can follow Duffy on his improv journey to China via VTS's social  media channels.