Arts tip sheet: Modulus Festival

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      Once Walking in Beauty: A concert-ritual sets us up to be open and receptive, what other must-sees does the Modulus Festival hold? Here are three options for the curious mind to consider, some complementary and others offering contrast.



      Don’t expect much of the natural world here—unless, for you, the natural world is a scary place. Vocalist Laura Bowler’s FFF explores the fight-or-flight mechanism in terms of online activism versus online escapism, while Music on Main composer in residence Nicole Lizée presents Malfunctionlieder, another brilliant exploration of cheap electronics and glitch soundscapes. Also on the bill: a new documentary about Lizée, and an improvised collaboration between the two headliners. At the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre on Saturday (November 3).


      Eve Egoyan’s Solo for Duet

      The virtuosic pianist deploys her impressive hands and her analytical mind on works by Nicole Lizée, John Oswald, David Rokeby, Michael Snow, and Linda Catlin Smith—a who’s who of Canadian innovators and provocateurs. At the Roundhouse on Sunday (November 4).



      Including some of the finest musicians in this city, the Standing Wave sextet is known for presenting visceral performances of challenging scores. Among the three world premieres will be one from Vancouver Symphony Orchestra composer in residence Jocelyn Morlock, Stone’s Throw. At the Roundhouse on Tuesday (November 6).