Style tip sheet: Eastside Culture Crawl

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      Whether you’re into ecofriendly apparel or one-off bling, the Eastside Culture Crawl has you covered in the style department. Below, a few of our favourite artists to hunt down:

      Rat Betty

      Octopus Studios

      Eyeballs and brains are just some of the organs depicted on Millie Hand’s sterling-silver jewellery. The U.K.–born designer draws inspo from the human form, resulting in striking—and delightfully creepy—rings, necklaces, and earrings.


      Bronsino Designs

      The Mergatroid Building

      Preloved fabrics receive new life in Denise Wilson’s upcycled bags, belts, and shawls. Whether it’s a snake-print crossbody or a convertible belt bag, her Old-World goods are at once modern and timeless, versatile without feeling totally utilitarian.


      Limber Clothing Co.

      The Arc

      Sustainability meets style and easy-breezy comfort in Eryn Derksen’s recently launched women’s apparel line. Inspired by the women in her life, the local designer’s hemp and organic-cotton overalls, shirts, and sundresses skirt fleeting trends and are crafted to stand the test of time.

      Sculpted glass jewellery by Minori Tagaki.

      Minori Takagi

      The Mergatroid Building

      A member of the Terminal City Glass Co-op, Japanese designer Minori Takagi creates sculptural jewellery from molten glass. From chunky chainlike necklaces to delicate tulip-shaped pendants, each of her pieces combines influences from her heritage with a West Coast vibe.