Get Stuffed with comedy this Christmas

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      Holiday music is everywhere this time of year, and sometimes you need a break from the millionth listen of Mariah Carey’s "All I Want For Christmas".

      The comedy department at 604 Records' Comedy Here Often? has released a Christmas-themed comedy compilation album Get Stuffed that will help you break the monotony of Christmas music norms. The album features Christmas-themed songs from Vancouver comedians Yumi Nagashima, Shirley Gnome, Myles Anderson (from Victoria), Dave Harris, Kevin Banner, Kyle Bottom, Charles Demers, and Tom Waits (Harris Anderson). The album was produced by the Kanye West of comedy album producers, Kevvy.

      604 Records live streamed a showcase of the talent from the album a couple of weeks ago, giving comedy fans a taste of what to expect. Clips of the show as well as the full special have been uploaded on the Comedy Here Often? Youtube channel.

      Shirley Gnome performs her song Jesus, It's Christmas.

      Nagashima’s song about marrying Santa Claus to get her permanent residency is unlike any other Christmas carol. It's funny and original with great subtle punchlines. And, as Bottom puts his uniquely baritone voice to good use on the track "Christmas Song" (with the help of Soundcloud artist Lil J.), Gnome’s inappropriately hilarious and well-written "Jesus, It’s Christmas" proves she's a real talent and a pleasure to listen to. Anderson’s "Christmas at Tom Waits House' which paints a hilariously dark dystopian Christmas at one of the music industry's strangest and most-beloved artists.

      A music video was made for the song which plays on just how awkward a Christmas dinner with Tom Waits could be, and matches the darkness of the song so well. Check it out here:

      Music video for Harris Anderson's Christmas at Tom Waits House.

      The album is out now and available here. Put on your Santa cap and enjoy! And be sure to stay tuned in the new year as 604 Records plans more comedy releases.