Graham Clark scores headliner of the year, while Sophie Buddle nabs best dirty joke as Vancouver Comedy Awards winners announced

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      JFL NorthWest has just announced the winners of the second annual Vancouver Comedy Awards, and local standup artist Graham Clark has earned five of the prizes, including the coveted title of best local headliner.

      Clark has also nabbed awards for best local host/MC, best Twitter account, best crowd work, and best "comedy parent". The podcast he runs with Dave Shumka, Stop Podcasting Yourself, also won for its category.

      Local funnyman Charlie Demers also received several nods, including an award for "most enlightening provocateur" and best Youtube clip for his Taco Nazi bit. In the extended joke from his Fatherland album, he barely contains his outrage for a dude with white-supremacist tattoos ordering Mexico's tastiest dish.

      On the joke front, Vancouver's Sophie Buddle takes the prize for best dirty joke and Aaron Read nabbed the prize for best clean joke (as well as for "most lovable" laugh-getter). Meanwhile, Ivan Decker earns best joke for his riff on Cream of Wheat.

      Steev Letts drew the spotlight as breakout artist of the year.

      The awards cover sketch, improv, and podcast genres as well. The Sunday Service at the Fox Cabaret won for best weekly show, as well as best improv group, while Caitlin Howden won top billing for best improviser. Brunch Comedy won for best sketch troupe. The Lady Show took the prize for best variety show.

      See the full list of awards below:

      Favourite Comedy Room: Little Mountain Gallery

      Best Show For First Timers: Komedy at Kino

      Most Likely to Ask for a Pen: Ryan Williams

      Best Crowd Work: Graham Clark

      Best Merchandise: The Lady Show

      Best Comedy Podcast: Stop Podcasting Yourself

      Most Likely to Offer You A Ride Home After A Show: Ryan Gunther

      Best Dressed: Katie-Ellen Humphries

      Best Open Mic: Komedy At Kino

      Best Weekly Show: The Sunday Service at the Fox Cabaret

      Best Monthly Show: Roast Battles at Little Mountain Gallery

      Best Comedy Class: Blind Tiger Comedy

      Best Album: Erica Sigurdson – Situational Feminist

      Most Enlightening Provocateur: Charlie Demers

      Most Lovable: Aaron Read

      Best Comedian to Road Gig With: Chris Griffin

      Best Outsiders Gig: Heckler’s Bar & Grill (Victoria, B.C.)

      Best Clean Joke: Aaron Read, "Stuff You Can Do When You’re Poor"

      Best Dirty Joke: Sophie Buddle, "Blow Job Cover"

      Best Headshot: Racquel Belmonte

      Best Instagram Account: Katie Burrell

      Best Twitter Account: Graham Clark

      Tweet of the year: Matty Vu, "Coming at the Same Time as Skip the Dishes"

      Charlie Demers's Taco Nazi on YouTube, animated by Atomic Cartoons.

      Best Youtube Clip: Charlie Demers, "Taco Nazi"

      Best Web Series: Girls Vs The City

      Best Local Independent Producer: Steve Allen & Laura Acilli

      Best Non-Comedian Comedy Supporter: Chantal Michaud

      Best Comedy Parent: Graham Clark

      Cutest Comedy Cat: Snicker’s (Shane Clark’s Cat)

      Best Show Artwork: The Kino Posters

      Best Local Headliner: Graham Clark

      Best Local Host / MC: Graham Clark

      Best Improviser: Caitlin Howden

      Best Sketch Group: Brunch Comedy

      Best Improv Group: The Sunday Service 

      Best Variety Show: The Lady Show

      The Lady Show took top honours for its variety show.

      Toughest Act to Follow: Aaron Read

      Joke of the Year: Ivan Decker, "Cream of Wheat"

      Breakout Artist of the Year: Steev Letts