Arts tip sheet: The Cherie Smith JCC Jewish Book Festival

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      Joshua Cohen’s acclaimed fiction represents just one facet of this year’s Jewish Book Festival, set for the Jewish Community Centre and venues around the Lower Mainland from Saturday (February 9) to February 14. Here’s a handful of picks from the program.

      Smashing Parenting Stereotypes

      February 10

      Tablet magazine columnist Marjorie Ingall thinks it’s high time the tired old trope of the hectoring Jewish mother was replaced with genuine Jewish insights into bringing up confident, accomplished kids, as this discussion of her book Mamaleh Knows Best will explain.

      Mind, Body & Soul Day

      February 13

      Canadian doctors Michael C. Klein and Brian Goldman (authors of Dissident Doctor and The Power of Kindness, respectively) join American neuroscientist Rachel Herz (Why You Eat What You Eat) for a full day’s program ranging from medical principles to dietary habits.

      Mike Reiss

      February 14

      The fest wraps up on a comic note with a visit from the Emmy-winning author of Springfield Confidential, describing his three decades on the staff behind the great TV institution The Simpsons. (Hard-core fans of the show will be especially excited to learn—finally!—the actual location of Homer’s hometown.)