2019 Vancouver International Dance Festival presents Taiwan's Tjimur Dance Theatre at Vancouver Playhouse

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      (Community annoucement by the Vancouver International Dance Festival)

      Taiwan’s esteemed indigenous dance-theatre company, Tjimur Dance, performs the Canadian premiere of Varhung – Heart to Heart — a lyrical and vulnerable exploration of the complexities of the human heart. Praised by The Scotsman for having a “mesmerizing quality that borders on the hypnotic," five dancers embark upon a tender journey to the very heart of their people by sharing private stories of their lives, loves, and difficulties. This deeply moving and emotionally honest work, choreographed by Baru Madiljin, gained critical acclaim for its breathtaking movement and heartfelt expression of the traditional culture of Taiwan’s indigenous Paiwan people.

      Through rich tapestry, flawless artistry, and elegant sincerity, Varhung – Heart to Heart gingerly peels back layers to reveal a human essence that is universal, baring their own souls in the process.

      Tjimur Dance Theatre "Varhung – Heart to Heart".
      Maria Falconer


      March 29 & 30 at 8pm at Vancouver Playhouse (600 Hamilton St.)

      Ticket Info: http://vidf.ca/tickets/ or 604-662-4966

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