Upcycled art exhibition by B.C. artist set to open at Science World next week

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      Imagine being an artist and creating artwork made entirely from free, upcycled paint.

      That’s exactly what B.C. artist Jan de Beer did, and he will be showcasing his pieces in his latest art exhibition, Tides, at Science World (1455 Quebec Street) from May 21 to August 26.

      The seasonal art event will shine a light on Product Care Recycling, a not-for-profit organization that offers recycling solutions for household goods like paint and lights. Its PaintShare program provides free and sustainable leftover paint to the public, which is what De Beer was able to work with.

      The Diptych 2 by de Beer.
      Jan de Beer

      De Beer’s paintings can feature bold and bright colours, as well as cooler tones. His work reflects his commitment to nature, such as the way his Diptych 2 alludes to ocean foam.

      So it makes sense that 65 percent of proceeds from his artwork sales go toward the Pender Harbour Ocean Discovery Station (PODS), a new marine and freshwater research and education facility.

      Those interested in checking out the new art exhibition can register online for its opening reception, which is free for the public to attend.

      De Beer has been creating artwork using recycled materials, including paint and garbage.
      Jan de Beer
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