Comedian Sean Devlin returns to Vancouver to record album

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      Everything Sean Devlin touches seems to turn into gold.

      The Filipino-Canadian comedian has been performing standup comedy since 2003, when he was a teenager. From there, Devlin created the highly popular that used comedy (and the help of his friends from Little Mountain Gallety) to make the point that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was, well, shit.

      Devlin then turned his talents to filmmaking and quickly made a name for himself. After receiving the Emerging Canadian Director jury prize at the 37th Vancouver International Film Festival, Devlin took his feature When Storms Fade on tour, collecting some hardware along the way, including two international jury prizes for Best Director (in Liverpool and Mumbai). His comedy has also been featured on CBC Radio,, and in the CTV mini-mini series The Party.

      The standup career didn’t end when he started making movies. He has been a fixture of the Vancouver comedy scene ever since he started and has opened for Tig Notaro, Hari Kondabolu, Zach Galifianakis, and Kyle Kinane, and performing at numerous festivals including Just For Laughs NorthWest, Seattle’s Bumbershoot Music Festival, and Portland’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival.

      Now, 16 years deep in the comedy game, Devlin has decided to make a comedy album. He has moved away from our fair city, but has decided to come back to Vancouver, where he got his start to record it and he won't be doing it alone. Four shows on Friday and Saturday (June 28 and 29) at Little Mountain Gallery will have two or three short opening acts, featuring comics who are either people of colour, Indigenous, or members of the LGBTQ+ community, including: Fatima Dhowre, Carla Mah, Andrea Jin, An-te Chu, Matty Vu, Alain Williams, Maddy Kelly, Ese Atawo, Savannah Erasmus, and Tin Lorica.

      Sean Devlin records his comedy album on Friday and Saturday (June 28 and 29) at Little Mountain Gallery. Get tickets here.