Ensemble Theatre Company festival tip sheet: The Drawer Boy, Born Yesterday

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      Ensemble Theatre Company rotates three wildly different plays at the Jericho Arts Centre from Friday (July 12) to August 16. See our feature on its production of Superior Donuts here. Below are its other two shows, which are well worth a look.

      The Drawer Boy

      In Michael Healey’s 1999 Canadian classic, it’s 1972 and a young Toronto theatre actor heads to the countryside to find inspiration in the stories of two aging bachelor farmers. But those tales raise questions of truth, appropriation, and historical revisionism.


      Born Yesterday.
      Emily Cooper

      Born Yesterday

      Expect to see major Trump-era parallels in Garson Kanin’s 1950s Broadway classic about Washington corruption. The main players are a tycoon bent on working the politicians in the capital; his arm candy, Billie Dawn; and the journalist who educates her about the wheeling and dealing going on.