Myles Anderson's quick wit shines on comedy album release

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      Myles Anderson started comedy in his hometown of Victoria, BC. It's a great city to start a path toward humourous entertainment, but it’s also a tourist hot spot and known for being home to the nearly dead and nearly wed. Not a good recipe for big comedy opportunities.

      So, Anderson decided to leave his abode and set out on a journey to Hollywood North, travelling through the well-chartered waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca on the ol’ S.S. Coastal Celebration, with nothing but pockets full of hopes and dreams.

      Now that he has spent some time in Vancouver and left a solid mark on the comedy scene, Anderson decided it was time to put an album out titled Myles From Home. It makes sense, since he’s been doing telling jokes since grade 5. “Before that, I was a total hack,” Anderson said in a press statement.

      Comedy wasn’t the original plan set out for Anderson. He is one of four kids and graduated from UVIC with a bachelor’s degree in music. Although his music career hasn’t taken off yet, the professional jokester's musical talents proves to come in handy as he plays the album's intro piano jingle.

      Anderson was an A finalist in the 2017 Seattle International Comedy Competition, and has performed for the past six years at the Comedy Store and the Comedy & Magic club in L.A. He can also occasionally be heard on The Debaters on CBC. With those achievements under his belt, it was easy to get Kevvy, the Rick Ruben of comedy albums, to help him record and produce his album.

      “Myles combines traditional jokes with birdlike movements, always creating a unique and hilarious performance.”, Kevvy said in a press statement.

      The two hit it off and became collaborators for a sketch comedy for Comedy Here Often, known as Myles Anderson Canned Laughter:

      Myles From Home was recently released on 604 Records and can be streamed on all platforms.

      See Myles Anderson live on August 15 at Jokes Please at Little Mountain Gallery (195 E 26th Ave).