Arts tip sheet: Vines Art Festival's The Wood5 Anniversary

August 17 at John Hendry Park

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      Head to the great outdoors all day Saturday as the Vines Art Festival takes over John Hendry Park with art installations, music, and much more (including Kathara—The Return of the Buwaya Spirit, a multidisciplinary mask performance exploring Indigeneity, identity, and culture from the Philippines, shown here, at the beach at 3:50 p.m.).

      Elsewhere at the eco- and activist-minded celebration, watch for other one-of-a-kind experiences: a roving clown parade, crazy quilting, communal sound-art pieces, the Karakasa Obake’s oversized Japanese umbrella, and—our personal favourite—the Beaver Lodge Cinema, which is an installation, temple, and “chillout space” devoted to the industrious rodent.