Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Fool Muun Komming!

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      Sam Kruger’s one-man show is like the human embodiment of an hourlong lightning storm: electric, vivid, dangerous, entertaining, and kind of exhausting. The general premise of the show is that an alien arrives, but does so inside a mass hallucination. And maybe the world is going to end—but maybe not? The real magic is Kruger. The elasticity of his body and his face, and the near-constant jerky movement of both, recall Steve Martin’s Jerk, Robin Williams’s Mork, Jim Carrey’s Mask, and Andy Kaufman’s… well, Andy Kaufman, mixed with the Mummenschanz on fast-forward. This is all to say that it’s hard to know exactly what transpires in this show, but Kruger commits to creating a wild, weird world and does it with heart and humour. Kruger is also a deeply charming performer, and when all of the wackiness finally dies down for a very quiet and lovely last five minutes, it feels earned, not tacked on.