Vancouver Fringe Festival review: The Robber Bridegroom: A Grimm Fairy Tale

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      This innovative marvel of a show is creepy, creative, and a wonderfully subversive undoing of the Brothers Grimm classic about a poor man who wants to give his daughter a better life by arranging her marriage to a wealthy stranger hiding a very dark secret. The four young artists who star in this show combine physical theatre and puppeteering with the kind of confidence and artistry that usually only come with decades of experience on-stage. They bring their puppets to life with beautifully deliberate movements, and they’re often working in close collaboration with each other, a visual coding of the importance of community, which the play relies on during its final moments. As The Robber Bridegroom takes on darker and more twisted turns, the music and the staging heighten the tension and it’s genuinely horrifying to watch what unfolds. I won’t spoil the incredible climax, but I’m fascinated to see how different audiences affect the high-stakes ending.