Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Scaredy Cat

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      Carlyn Rhamey’s one-woman show about being afraid of, well, being afraid is a fun framework in which to explore anxiety and fraught family mechanics, particularly the relationship between daughters and their mothers. Rhamey’s paralyzing fear of all things scary flies in the face of her mom’s absolute devotion to all things terrifying. Her mom loves Halloween and scary movies and comes from the school of tough love. Her favourite phrase is “Suck it up, buttercup.” This offers plenty of fodder for Rhamey’s funny, self-deprecating script, and there’s something really wonderful about her physical comedy, too. Rhamey touches on everything from sharks and sleepovers to boys and Botox, but it’s when she digs into the rawness of her relationship with her mom—which seems genuinely good for the most part, just complicated—that Scaredy Cat truly shines.