Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Destiny, USA

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      Like many Canadians who found themselves moving to the U.S. a couple years ago, and then suddenly living under 45’s rule, playwright and performer Laura Anne Harris had a lot of complicated feelings that needed to go somewhere. What to do in the face of ableist, racist, sexist, fascist rhetoric while your sweetheart of a husband goes to grad school? Get a job, facilitating phone communications for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community with the hearing community. As Harris gets drawn into the rich interior lives of her clients, she finds out her mother is dying back home in Canada. The comedy of the first half of the show gives way to something much more intimate, and it’s a powerful turn. If this is as autobiographical as it’s presented, the play’s finale is almost too revealing. Harris presents a call from a particularly distraught person as a means of also speaking to her own grief. It’s devastating and emotionally resonant, but ethically questionable.