Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Inescapable

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      Martin Dockery’s new play makes its Vancouver premiere, a technical and creative marvel that’s probably among the most challenging 55 minutes on-stage for any actor.

      Two old friends sit in the kitchen trying to escape the annual Christmas party and find themselves stuck, seemingly, in some kind of loop.

      Maybe it’s real, maybe it’s not, but as they restart their conversation-meets-confrontation-meets-confession over and over again, long-held secrets surface and the very foundation of their friendship comes under attack.

      Big questions are raised about loyalty and love, midlife crises, how we move forward and dislodge ourselves from bad patterns, and how essential we are to our own lives.

      The sheer volume of lines both actors grapple with would put a Gilmore Girls script to shame, and it’s a testament to both the quality of the writing and the acting that Inescapable is so addictive and engrossing.

      At the Waterfront Theatre on September 7 (8:20 p.m.), 11 (5 p.m.), 12 (10:30 p.m.), 13  (6:45 p.m.), and 15 (4:45 p.m.)