Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Perv Hunters

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      Playwright and lead actor Stephanie Mills is McNally, a male police officer and proud perv hunter. McNally can’t see any humanity in the perps he puts away with the help of his partner and best friend, fellow avowed perv hunter Rick (Emily Carlstrom).

      In addition to catching regular pervs, the duo are on the lookout for the prolific Butt Photocopy Pervert.

      Perv Hunters is ridiculous and hilarious, and far better than it really has any right to be.

      Mills has cultivated a specific rhythm in crafting this utterly bizarre but charming world, and all members of the sprawling, diverse cast have moments when their supporting characters shine.

      Everybody is funny, and even when a few lines feel a bit limp or thin, the actors nail their deliveries or land the jokes.

      Perv Hunters also does a great job of quietly commenting on the absence of compassion in overly keen law enforcement officers, as well as the limitations of prison justice. It also features the greatest turkey-butt-stuffing joke I’ve ever heard.


      At the Waterfront Theatre on September 8 (5:45 p.m.), 9 (7 p.m.), 11 (7:30 p.m.), 14 (9:45 p.m.), and 15 (1:10 p.m.)