Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Monica vs. the Internet

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      Monica Ogden is an award-winning Filipina storyteller, incredibly funny, and a force on-stage.

      Most people familiar with the online targeted harassment of feminists, particularly feminists of colour, will understand that the title of the show is a declaration: Ogden will not be silenced.

      But she’s also ready to laugh while she’s tearing down white supremacy with both hands, and she wants to share stories about her family, particularly about the relationships that exist between her, her mom, and her grandma (the “Pinay Gilmore Girls”). Ogden and her matriarchs have been dealing with sexism, racism, and misogyny forever.

      The throughline of their intergenerational trauma is as real as the smile they all share, and Ogden and her director and cocreator, Ann-Bernice Thomas, brilliantly illuminate that everything about equity and justice is deeply personal.

      Monica vs. the Internet is a necessary piece of art and an urgent call to action. Fellow white people, particularly, go listen to what Ogden has to say.

      At the Nest on September 8 (9:30 p.m.), 10 (5:15 p.m.), 14 (6:30 p.m.), and 15 (3:15 p.m.).