Vancouver Fringe Festival review: You Belong Here

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      This is Martin Dockery’s second show at this year’s Fringe (Inescapable is the other), and it’s another marvel of a performance.

      You Belong Here is a comedy about beginnings, and Dockery’s mastery at keeping an audience simultaneously rapt and on edge is the gift that keeps on giving.

      In part, it’s his presence and his delivery, and You Belong Here makes great use of both as he restarts the show multiple times for a variety of wonderfully ridiculous reasons. Dockery tells the audience that he likes beginnings, he’s great at them, less so at endings, and truly terrible at middles.

      It’s self-deprecating, of course, but there’s a tiny bit of truth in how the show evolves. It feels like three or four different pieces that have been strung together, but not seamlessly. Each component is engaging and hilarious, and the final piece is particularly heartfelt and personal, but because it’s not as cohesive as it needs to be, there’s a lag in that dreaded middle that Dockery warned us about.