Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Didn't Hurt

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      Rodney Decroo’s one-man show is a deeply vulnerable interrogation of rage and the inherent ruin of violence.

      It’s also profoundly personal, culled from the lived experiences of his ravaged body and mind, the horrific childhood abuse that shaped his life and the 40-plus years he’s spent trying to survive and cope with the effects.

      Finally Decroo is gaining some semblance of healing, and part of that is Didn’t Hurt. Decroo tells his story in flashbacks, and though it’s not always the most rewarding thing to watch adults regress-act themselves back to being little kids, Decroo makes it work.

      There are a few moments that stretch on, but Decroo is masterful at holding the audience. Didn’t Hurt is a heartbreaking and important piece that feels like it has the potential to save lives.