Chutzpah! Festival presents the Canadian premiere of The Diary of Anne Frank LatinX

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      (Community announcement by Chutzpah! Festival)

      Chutzpah! Festival is proud to present the Canadian premiere of The Diary of Anne Frank LatinX.

      Everyone knows the story of Anne Frank, the Jewish teenager hidden away while Nazi’s hunted down Jews during World War II. One American-Jewish director, Stan Zimmerman, is adding a modern-day twist to the production.

      Zimmerman says, “When I learned there are over a dozen Safe Houses in the LA area hiding LatinX families from ICE, it got me wondering — How do these families survive with so little money and needing to remain in the shadows?

      How do they not lose hope?  What are their lives like on a day-to-day basis?

      Do they see the parallels to Anne’s story?”

      And that got me thinking – What if I cast LatinX actors and start with the actors as themselves reading the script of the Diary of Anne Frank out loud, hearing Anne’s profound words and then actually step into the shoes of the people in her diary and play the characters in the play.”

      Stan Zimmerman on CNN:



      Norman Rothstein Theatre | Nov. 6-8, 8:00pm | Nov. 8, 1:00pm | Nov. 9, 2:00pm

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