Comedian Chris Locke returns to Vancouver with new material

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      Chris Locke’s hilariously absurd style of comedy is a staple in the Toronto comedy scene, and every year Vancouverites get blessed with a taste of what he has to offer. Currently, Locke is on a “mini” tour with stops in Charlottown, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Victoria (last weekend), Winnipeg, plus a stop this Thursday in Vancouver. Not meaning to miss Alberta, he states in a Facebook interview, “I’m hoping to get back to Alberta next year”. He has never performed in Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, Yukon, or Nunavut—“so if anyone from there wants to book me-get at me, dawg!” he continued.

      All that travel isn’t easy with a wife and two kids at home, so Locke tries to keep his tours short so that he can make time to spend time with his family. Making a point to shout-out to his wife, Locke states, “I have an amazing wife, Kathleen Phillips, who has her own demanding schedule of writing and acting on TV shows. And shout-out to our amazing nanny… how many people shout-out to their nanny?”

      Locke isn’t a stranger to television as he has made appearances on Tallboyz, Baroness Von Sketch and a crazy scene coming up in the new season of Working Moms all on CBC. Locke has also made two fantastic comedy albums, The World is Embarrassing (2014) and Demons Are Eating My Head (2016), both worth a listen and both available on Spotify and iTunes.

      “I recorded something in June that was a lot of fun," Locke replied when asked if another album is on the way, "but went on the road a lot afterwards and the material kept growing. Plus I have a lot of new stuff which people can see on November 14 at Havana. Anyone reading this who hasn’t seen me perform yet, my shows are like 1,000 laughs per second”.

      While Locke is in Vancouver and not doing standup, he will be busy jumping on the Stop Podcasting Yourself and Blocked Party podcasts.

      During a Facebook interview, the Straight brought up the subject of the love/hate relationship between Toronto and Vancouver, and the challenges of performing in front of a B.C. crowd.

      “Being born and raised in Toronto, I am defensive about the city," he said, "but I actually don't notice a real difference between audiences, to be honest. I find that both cities are full of people that want to laugh and have a great time. The scene out here is amazing, full of wonderful comedians and audiences. Sometimes after a show I find myself walking across Cambie bridge and breathing in the lovely Vancouver air. Ahhh yes. Both cities really need more affordable housing for real people too! Hey! There's a lot in common, actually.”

      See Chris Locke perform at Havana Theatre (1212 Commercial Dr) on Thursday, November 14. Get tickets here.