PuSh International Performing Arts Festival presents FRONTERA

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      (Community announcement by PuSh International Performing Arts Festival)

      Following the successful presentation of Dana Gingras & Noam Gagnon's monumental in 2018, Gingras' internationally lauded dance company, Animals of Distinction, collaborates with the experimental post-rock band Fly Pan Am and members of the UK-based collective United Visual Artists to create a provocative multimedia experience of motion, sound and light.

      In FRONTERA, 10 dancers take to the stage amid pulsing flashes and towering vertical rays of light. The dancers react to the clarion call of the driving music and the whims of the lighting, becoming wildly shifting forms in a singular struggle between impulse and design.


      January 30, 2020, 8pm, Queen Elizabeth Theatre

      Ticket Info: From $39, including fees, EARLY BIRD OFER: $20 off tickets in Price Level 1 & 2 until Nov 27, tickets@pushfestival.ca

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