Ten Vancouver-based podcasts to dig into during self-isolation

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      There are so many great podcasts, and these days it can be hard to filter the good ones from the not-so-good ones. We have highlighted some of Vancouver's best to save you the effort of searching while in self-isolation.

      Here are some suggestions that we think you will enjoy:


      Blocked Party

      Stefan Heck and John Cullen invite guests on their podcast to discuss being blocked on social media, as well as other hilarious topics.

      Stop Podcasting Yourself

      Dave Shumka and Graham Clark host the ever popular Stop Podcasting Yourself. The guys talk about what’s happening in their lives, their interests, and whatever other funny topics splinter off, usually with a guest.


      A Dungeons and Dragons improv comedy podcast with Sarah Ellis Fox, Matt Klassen, Carmin Carotenuto, Toren Atkinson, and Taylor Ramone.

      Retail Nightmares

      Alicia Tobin and Jessica Desisle plus a guest hilariously discuss hellish retail experiences.

      Subspace Transmissions

      This one is for all the Trekkers out there. Cam Smith and Tyler Orton take on all things that Star Trek has to offer.

      Obsessed with Sophie Buddle

      Host Sophie Buddle interviews guests about their obsessions, whatever they may be.

      Pop This!

      Lisa Christiansen and Andrea Warner talk about what they love and hate in pop culture.


      Ian Bushfield and Scott de Lange Boom cover politics in Vancouver and some international politics through a B.C. lens.

      The Fear Of Science

      Jeff Porter and Daniel Chai bring together scientists and common people for an unfiltered discussion about complicated science fears in a fun and respectful way.

      The Infidels Jazz Show

      Jazz aficionado Tim Reinert hosts a weekly jazz show.