Vancouver International Fringe Festival shortens its official name

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      The Vancouver International Fringe Festival has officially changed its name.

      Organizers announced today (July 3) they have decided to drop the word “international” and shorten the name to Vancouver Fringe Festival.

      David Jordan, executive director of the annual theatre festival, said the change simplifies the name and “felt right.”

      “International [programming] is a component of what we do but it’s by no means the most important,” Jordan told the Straight by phone.

      Organizers say the festival will maintain its equal mix of provincial, national, and international productions for its Mainstage Venue shows.

      Jordan said the festival was previously called the Vancouver Fringe Festival, until the word “international” was added in 2007.

      He also suggested the name change will further distinguish the Fringe festival from the Vancouver International Film Festival, which had shared the acronym "VIFF".

      “I think there’s quite a familiarity with ‘VIFF’ related to the film festival and there’s quite a fondness for that acronym for them,” Jordan said.

      The festival has also unveiled a redesigned logo and plans to launch an updated website by the time tickets go on sale on August 1.

      The festival runs September 5 to 15.