Outdoor pianos for the Vancouver summer: Dawn Pemberton with a love song for you

Enjoy Dawn Pemberton playing for False Creek Seawall, one of four pianos that CityStudio has positioned around Vancouver for a limited time this summer.

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      Dawn Pemberton believes that music is something that should always be available to everyone.

      The appearance of four pianos around Vancouver this summer go towards making that conviction a reality, she told the Straight while sitting at one of those instruments located on the edge of the Olympic Village.

      “This takes the job or the idea of music as this big thing that only a few people can do and makes it more accessible and tangible,” she said. “Just waiting down here and enjoying the view, so many people came up and started playing. And I think that’s so cool. I think as people take more of a participatory role in making music, they will appreciate it more and go out and see it more.”

      Pemberton is a piano player, vocalist, music teacher, and—as of last week—director of youth choir and voice ensemble at Vancouver’s Sarah McLachlan School of Music. She played a song called “For You”, which will appear on an album of original work she expects to see released in the spring or summer of 2014.

      “It’s inspired by relationships, as most songs are,” Pemberton said with a laugh. “It’s taking a look at what we do and how we change ourselves for people and just how funny and weird that is.”

      The venue Pemberton plays in the video above is False Creek Seawall. It’s one of four pianos that CityStudio has positioned around Vancouver for a limited time this summer.

      Find one before they disappear on August 24 and play for the public.

      Dawn Pemberton’s performance is the third in a four-part series presented by the Georgia Straight. The fourth installment will be published on YouTube and at Straight.com on Friday, August 23, 2013.

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      Laura Moore

      Aug 16, 2013 at 12:14pm

      The amazing and talented local artist Dawn Pemberton...what could be better than listening to her voice on a gorgeous Vancouver day!