Fringe Fest 2013: Butt Kapinski is a dirty, crowd-pleasing delight

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      Butt Kapinski is a hard-boiled private eye crafting a film-noir mystery wherever he goes. The audience becomes his cast, his soundtrack, and co-conspirators in depravity thanks to the strange mind and fearlessness of Deanna Fleysher, the woman behind the man. With a lamp strapped to Fleysher’s back, Kapinski roams the audience and it’s both suspenseful and hilarious waiting to see how the story unfolds as unsuspecting individuals are cast as hobos, prostitutes, pimps, and other denizens of his seedy fictional setting. To say people surrendered themselves wholeheartedly to their roles would be an understatement. When tasked with “acting sexy", one older man unbuttoned his shirt to his navel, rubbing his bare chest with a fevered glee. At one point, most of the room was simulating jerking off. Perverse high jinks aside, Fleysher’s ability to create community in the space of 60 minutes is nothing short of amazing, and makes Kapinski’s twist ending a worthy and surprisingly emotional capper.

      At the False Creek Gymnasium on September 9 (6:55 p.m.), 13 (5 p.m.), 14 (6:45 p.m.), and 15 (12 p.m.).