Fringe Fest 2013: Unpossible! offers a world of wonders

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      Get outta town! This guy’s amazing. In his magic show Unpossible!, Travis Bernhardt—who is quickly becoming a Fringe darling, judging by his sold-out houses—performs a terrific batch of sleight-of-hand tricks. He also creates mind-reading illusions that, well, blew my mind. (These include getting audience members to apparently communicate telepathically.) Bernhardt’s stage persona, which is quirkily smart and funny, is also getting increasingly confident. There’s more flamboyance and theatricality in Unpossible! than there was in last year’s excellent Lies!. By the end of his performance—and a bang-up ending it is; he really takes risks—the stage is happily littered with playing cards, little red balls, and shattered preconceptions of what a magician can do.

      At Performance Works on Monday, September 9 (10:30 p.m.), 12 (7 p.m.), 13 (8:50 p.m.), and 14 (2:15 p.m.).